Drylining & Plastering

Drylining Services

We offer superb quality workmanship in the area of dry lining, and have a wide range of satisfied customers across a range of high-profile projects in the Greater Dublin Area. Excellence comes as standard, and our dry lining specialists are both fast and thorough in their work. We recognise that every customer has different needs and priorities, and therefore a “one size fits all” approach rarely provides the best (or indeed most cost effective) solution. 


Plastering Services

We have a range of referees who will be only too happy to reassure you as to the quality of our plastering work. Our specialist plasterers, who boast experience right throughout Europe, deliver exceptional work on a consistent basis, and frequently over-deliver in terms of their deadlines. We develop bespoke solutions to precisely meet our customer’s specific requirements, whilst offering a high quality and professional service from tender, to completion stage.

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